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What Is An offset Smoker? Everything You Need To Know


Everyone wants to enjoy a tasty, juicy, and tender barbecue. The meat will become more delicious if it has a smokey taste. To have a smokey flavor of barbecue, you must have to know about What is an offset smoker? An offset smoker is specially made to enjoy the smoked flavor of the meat. 

There is not one type of smoker available in the market. There are different types of smokers. They all are masters in themselves, but everyone needs a different type of expertise. You have to practice them well if you want to become a pitmaster. Once you have got how you can use an offset smoker, you will smoke as your routine. Let’s move further.

What is an offset smoker?

An offset smoker is a horizontally designed smoker used for smoking meat. It has two main chambers. One is a firebox, and the other is a smoking chamber, also known as the cooking chamber. The firebox is located opposite the cooking compartment. There is also a chimney. This chimney work as the temperature controller of the smoker. Fire occurs in the firebox, and the smoke travels throughout the smoker. In an offset smoker, food is cooked on low and slow heat. Let’s move further to let you know what an offset smoker is and how it works.

How does an offset smoker work?

All you need to start smoking is the best-offset smoker and the right fuel type. These smokers seem hard, but they will give you the desired meal when you start trying them. Let’s have a look at how an offset smoker work.

Adding fuel

The first step of starting an offset smoker is to add fuel to the fuel box. Offset smokers use wood chips and charcoal as their fuel. You can only use wood or charcoal; the choice is yours. But experts say wood along charcoal as fuel is the best combination. Charcoal gives the unique smokey flavor for which an offset smoker is famous. Remember one tip: always add hot wood and charcoal to the firebox. This will help to maintain the temperature. 

Starting a fire in the firebox

After filling out the firebox with the fuel now, let the fuel burn completely. Open the vents of the firebox and the smoking chamber. Opening them will help with air intake. This will increase the temperature of the smoker. These vents are very helpful in maintaining the temperature of the smoker. If you notice that the temperature is getting lower, open the ducts. Air gets inside, and the temperature gets high. On the contrary, if you note that the temperature is getting higher, close the vents for a while. This will stop the air intake, and the temperature goes down. 

Placing the food

When your smoker gets the right level of temperature, now it’s time to place the food. Grates are inside the smoking chamber; you must place the food on them. After some time, you have to change the sides of the food. This will keep the food safe from burning and uneven cook. You should also apply an oil coating on the food. This will ensure that the food will not get hard, and you will get a juicy and tender piece of meat. 

After following all these steps carefully, you will surely get your desired delightful barbecue. 

Recipes you can cook on an offset smoker

Many people think that they can only cook meat on an offset smoker. But this concept needs to be corrected. You can cook everything you want in a unique taste. 

A creative mind will make several recipes through an offset smoker. He needs a craving for a unique taste and texture. You can make a pizza with an offset smoker. Get surprised? You can make a pizza better than you order from a restaurant. You don’t have to place it in the microwave oven. Just place it inside the offset smoker. This will not only bake your pizza but give it a rich taste of smoke.

 You can also make your dessert and smokey mac and cheese. Furthermore, you can also grill your food. You can cook everything in the smoking chamber of a smoker.

Types of smoker

There are different types of smokers available in stores. The main types of offset smokers are gas offset smokers, electricity offset smokers and pellet smokers. These are all the best in their work with small dissimilarities. All of them have a function different from the other type of smokers. 

Advantages of an offset smoker

If you get an offset smoker, you must know the smoker. You should know how it works, how you can use it, and how many places its smoking chamber has. Along with all these important things you must note down its advantages. Let’s check them out. 

  • Offset smokers give a traditional tender and smokey flavor to your food. 
  • It will cook the food with a slow heat, making it tasty and delicious.
  • The smoke distributed in two ways will prevent the food by direct heat.
  • The cooking chamber is on the different sides of the firebox. Then the food inside the cooker will be safe from the direct flame of fire. This will keep the food safe from burning. 
  • The vents of an offset smoker play a vital role in smoking. They help to make the temperature consistent throughout the smoker. 
  • The offset smokers are also pocket friendly. They are less costly than other smokers and grills. 
  • You can easily cook every type of recipe with your offset smoker. They also have a wide space inside the cooking chamber. You can cook more food in it. 
  • You can easily become a pitmaster by practicing it for few times.
  • They have a lifetime guarantee. You can use them for the rest of your life.

Disadvantages of an offset smoker

Everything that has benefits has some disadvantages also. You read about the advantages of an offset smoker. Let’s have a quick check at the disadvantages too.

  • An offset smoker takes a long period to smoke. You have to keep patience for a long time if you want to have a smokey meal.
  • This long period has a chance that the food will become hard and dry. That will ruin the taste and moisture of the food.
  • These offset smokers are not portable. They are heavyweight and are hard to move from one place to another.
  • You should have a spare space to store them. 

Additional plus points of an offset smoker

Its features

An offset smoker has unique features in it. It gives a traditional taste, but its features are something different from traditional. They are based on the advanced technology. Their whole work is done through the pipeline fitted inside the smoker.

Pocket friendly

These offset smokers are budget-friendly to the other smokers and grills. They are less expensive does not mean they are cheap in quality. They are made up of the best material, which is not damaged by a fire placed inside. 

Heat distribution

These offset smokers come with two ways distributive heat. This distribution of heat allows the smoke to move thoroughly inside the smoker. This will save the food from burning and uneven cook. The food from an offset smoker is evenly cooked from all sides. 

Wide cooking chamber

These offset smokers have a wide place inside their cooking compartments. You can easily cook a large amount of food at one time. These offset smokers are best for a party barbecue due to their vast place. 

What should you remember while buying an offset smoker?

If you buy an offset smoker, you should check its every part. The material which is used to make it is most important. The credibility of an offset smoker relies on the stuff from which it has been made. Secondly, you have to remember that the smoker has a warranty. The warranty for using an offset smoker is crucial in buying. 

Wrapping it up

Different type of smoker has a different way to use. But all have something the same in their usage. An offset smoker is the right choice for a tasty meal. They come with about every facility that will help with smoking. Temperature control probes, the place to put fuel, and grates for placing the food. 

All important things you must know about an offset smoker are written in the above article. We hope you get a high-quality best offset smoker. Because you have gotten everything about what is an offset smoker in detail. 


Can beginners use an offset smoker?

Yes, beginners can use offset smokers because they are friendly to use. They are simple and have no rocket science behind their usage. Every beginner can easily use them; after some tries, they will become an expert.

Can we use an offset smoker for grilling the food?

We can use an offset smoker for grilling the food. An offset smoker gives a smokey texture to grilled food. Place a grill grate at the side of the firebox and use it for grilling. Place a charcoal bed under the grates and grill the food with direct heat. 

What is an offset smoker’s main purpose?

Offset smokers are made for cooking at indirect heat. They can cook the food at low and slow heat. Some smokers can cook by direct heat. Their cooking grates are placed directly at the firebox. 

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