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How To Clean An Offset Smoker- In 30 Minutes Or Less

How to clean an offset smoker in 30 minutes or less

An offset smoker is a perfect match for your smokey meat. They are designed for a lump of smokey-flavored flesh. Many people prefer offset smokers for their backyard smoking barbecue. These are portable, friendly to use, and pocket friendly. You can easily learn to use them accurately and become an expert in smoking.

They are the most feasible to use, so their cleaning is also essential for good results. Cleanliness is the most crucial part of every activity you want to do for a meal. Cleaning an offset smoker is an art in itself. You must know how to clean an offset smoker to clean your offset smoker differently.

How to clean an offset smoker?

Clean your offset smoker before and after every cook. This will be the usual cleaning that is essential for food. But you must clean your smoker in deep twice a month. This will lengthen the life of your offset smoker. Maintenance of everything extends its life exceptionally. To keep your offset smoker clean, you must have complete guidance on how to clean an offset smoker.

You should clean your smoker from top to bottom thoroughly. You did not need any advanced tool for this purpose. The things you need to clean an offset smoker should include the following:

  • Scraper or spatula
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Offset smoker degreaser
  • Simple brush

You can use these simple things to clean your smoker at the best level. Now move forward to the step-by-step guide on how to clean an offset smoker.

Seasoned before clean

One thing that most people forget is seasoning before cleaning an offset smoker. To strengthen the smoker, you need to apply any oil entirely on the surface of the smoker. You must prefer canola or grapeseed oil as they are more useful. After using oil now, make a fire inside the smoker. Take the fire level to the highest. The temperature of the smoker must be 250- 280. To get a higher temperature, open the ducts of the smoker. This seasoning will protect the surface of the smoker from rust. Now all the debris and rust is burnt out, and you can easily wipe it out.

Clear the firebox

The first step is how to clean an offset smoker, To clear the firebox. Detach the grates from the firebox. Removing of grates will make the more ash fall from the sides and grates to the surface. Open the ducts and wipe out all the burnt ash from the firebox. You can use a brush or paper towel to wipe out the ash.

If you want more cleanliness, wash these grates in degreaser mixed water. Soak them for 5 minutes and then clean them with a wire brush. Now they are completely clean. Let them dry for some time before placing them back in the smoker.

Move to the cooking chamber.

After cleaning the firebox, it is time to clean the cooking compartment. There are cooking grates and heat deflection plates in the food section. Remove these grates and dishes to clean the cooking section thoroughly, as most of the meat contains fat, so the bottom of the cooker must have fat on its surface. You have to remove this fat from the surface.

Use a paper towel for this purpose. Try not to use any hard or sharp things to remove fat. This can damage the seasoned coat of the surface. The fat after every cook may form grease at the surface. You can also use an offset smoker degreaser to remove this fat and grease. It would help to clean the cooking chamber after each cook so the fat does not convert into sticky, greasy oil.

Cleaning of cooking grates

After the cooking chamber, here come the cooking grates. These are the most crucial part of being clean because the food has directly in touch with them. After removing them from the cooking chamber, soak them in hot water. Drinking can make cleaning easy for you.

All the stuck food and debris will become bland and easily removed. If the grates are being washed quickly, it is easier to clean them. At this stage, you can use an offset smoker degreaser. This can help you to clean the grates properly. After soaking, you can wash them with a brush. Now let them dry for a while before replacing them in the smoker.

Some good offset smoker has grates of some special coating on them. Those grates can make less trouble of cleaning. You can clean them by using a paper towel.

Heat deflection plates

After you have done with both chambers and cooking grates, it’s time for the heat deflection plates. You can clean them completely by using a paper towel. If some hard-to-remove food remains, you can use a spatula or scraper. A scraper or spatula can use to remove the hard stub burns from the surface. As the heat deflection plates are not directly touching the food, they don’t need to be cleaned in deep.

Reassembling the smoker

When you clean an offset smoker, it is time to reassemble it. Replace each part of the smoker in its right place. Now you should season your smoker with oil to prevent it from rust. Now your smoker is ready to go for a cook.

How to maintain an offset smoker?

You can lengthen the life of your offset smoker only by maintaining it properly. Supporting an offset smoker must include some important steps.

Cleaning an offset smoker

Maintenance firstly includes cleanliness. You can maintain your offset smoker by keeping it clean always. Using the smoker for a long time can form some sludges on the surface, which is harmful to the food. It would help if you cleaned your smoker sooner and later every cook. This can prevent it from damaging and give you healthy food.

Using the right tools for the precise intention

Choosing the right tools for a good offset smoker is hard. It would help if you used the right tools for every purpose. You should wear safety gloves to keep yourself safe. You must use a scraper or a spatula to remove debris. Never use a hard or sharp tool because this can surely damage the smoker. Always use temperature probes for monitoring the temperature. Use a clamp to hold and rotate the food. All these tools can help you to maintain your offset smoker.

Specific storage

If you need a proper place to store your smoker, this can lead to damage. The hardships of the weather also give it harm. Mostly the cold weather can damage the surface of the smoker. You must have the right space for storage to provide it with a long life. Storing the smoker in a good place helps to maintain it for a long life.

Make sure your offset smoker is clean.

Always make the surety of the cleaning of your smoker. Your offset smoker must have no debris left on its surface. The fat burnt on the bottom must be cleaned after every cook. Seasoning and oiling can also lead to a long life for your offset smoker.

You should monitor your smoker time by time to keep it safe from rust. Rust is the most dangerous for the surface of your smoker. It will surely destroy the smoker. You should remove the rust on the spot when you find it. These can help you to maintain the offset smoker.

How to keep your smoker safe from rust

When you clean your offset smoker, you usually find a place covered with rust. You have to remove this rust immediately; otherwise, it can harm the surface of the smoker. The rust can damage the maintenance of the smoker. It would help if you kept your smoker safe from it.

Cover your smoker

Covering your smoker can help you to prevent it from rusting. It would help to keep your offset smoker hidden when you are not using it. You have to prevent it from rain or humidity. These things can form rust on the surface of the smoker. If your offset smoker is out of the room, you must cover it. You can use a course or a thick plastic sheet for this purpose. Otherwise, there are also covering sheets of offset smokers. You can utilize them instead of cloth.

Cleaning of grill and chambers

Grills and chambers are the most important parts of cleaning an offset smoker. Their cleaning can prevent the smoker from rust. Rust can form from the debris and water on the surface of the offset smoker. So it is crucial to clean them after every cook.

Oiling can prevent rusting.

The oiling of grills and grates can surely keep the smoker safe from rust. You must apply some oil or every seasoning before and after every cook. You will see great results after this. This process also makes the food flavorful.

Repairing an offset smoker

An offset smoker is a little technical. At first, there would be no technical problem. The problem that can happen is the interruption of the flow of smoke. You can easily handle this. But if you think your smoker is not going right, you can call for an offset smoker technician.

Wrapping it up

After clearing everything very deeply, we hope you get it. The main things you have to remember are the following:

  • Cleaning of the firebox
  • Cleaning of the cooking chamber
  • Cleaning of cooking grates
  • Cleaning of heat deflection plates

These are the main steps of every offset smoker cleaning. You must follow them to clean your smoker of debris and rust. If you have anything further about how to clean an offset smoker, please share it with us. We will appreciate this.


Why should I clean my offset smoker?

Cleaning an offset smoker is essential for its long life span. A cleaned smoker remains for a long time. Perform better than a non-cleaned smoker. It produces a healthy smoke and gives your food a great taste. A proper clean smoker puts an off to the grease and rust.

After how much time should I clean my offset smoker?

It would help if you cleaned your offset smoker whenever you use it. It’s better to clean it before using it and after you have done cooking. You should also consider a deep cleaning once a month or depending upon its use.

What things should we use for cleaning an offset smoker?

You can clean your smoker with household things. You will need a brush, towel paper, a scraper, a spatula, some hot water, a little soap, and a bbq smoker degreaser. You can also give a deep clean to your smoker with these tools and materials.

What are common mistakes made by people while cleaning an offset smoker?

The most common mistakes that people make are the following:

  • They do not clean their smoker often
  • They use harmful substances that will damage the surface of the smoker
  • They use hard brushes that harm the steel of the smoker, and the chances of leakage will increase
  • They don’t clean the smoker properly

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