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Achieve BBQ Perfection: Learn How to Use Wood Pellets in Smoker

how to use wood pellets in offset smoker

As we all know, barbecue is the favorite meal for every meat lover. You also understand that wood has been used for decades for barbecue. Wood is the most versatile fuel for smokers to add a rich flavour to their food. In the old times, people used wood logs for burning the fire. Nowadays, wood comes in different varieties and shapes. Wood pellets are one of the most demanding kinds of wood used for barbecue. Let’s discuss in detail how to use wood pellets in smoker.

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are the compressed and hold-together form of wood chunks and briquettes. They are made of wood lignin, which shapes them like a pencil and breaks them into pieces. Some wood pellets come in the size of half an inch. 

If you are an expert in using a shredder or chipper, you can easily convert your wood into pellets. All the moisture is removed during making the pellets and become dry. They do not contain the softness like other fruit wood. Wood pellets, mostly made from oak, are considered the best wood for smoking meat. After this, pellets were mixed with other fruit or hardwood to improve the smoke.

How to use wood pellets in offset smoker

Pellets are the most demanding fuel for modern smokers as they produce a very rich taste in the food. Whether you use the wood pellets apart or blend them with some other wood, they have vast benefits.

  • Their moisture trickles during compression, which is good for a blazing fire. They contain less moisture.
  • They do not have any chemicals or adhesive in them which can destroy your food.
  • They did not make a mess; they had less than one percent ash.
  • They are more efficient as they contain more energy than other fuels.
  • It has a low amount of carbon dioxide, which helps to burn quickly.
  • It costs less than other wood fuel.

Wood pellets are mostly used in pellet smokers. This smoker with wood pellets increases the flavour of smoke in the meat. They are now rapidly growing among barbecue lovers because of the use of wood pellets. They have a space called a hopper specified for the pellets. 

Wood pellets are used easily with other fruitwood or charcoal. They will give a better taste with the blend of other fuels. If you still need clarification Let’s have a look at how to use wood pellets in smoker.

How to use smoker pellets

Wood pellets are used in a smoker in the firebox. Every smoker has a fixed place for their fuel. This specific space is called the firebox. Fill the firebox with the wood pellets. Some smokers have holes in the surface of the firebox. So, it will be better to use foil paper under the pellets as it will help save them from dripping down.


Unlike using charcoal, you don’t have to wait for the pellets to turn into ash. Wood pellets have the speciality of making less ash than other wood or charcoal. You can start cooking right after they start burning. Wood pellets make the smoker hot in less time.

One more thing about how to use smoker pellets is that they will create a less smokey flavor in the food. As the moisture is removed while compressing them, they lose the ability to generate more smoke. 

Taste preferences of wood pellets

As discussed above, the wood pellets will easily blend with any other fuel. Every pair will give a unique taste to the meat. Wood pellets mixed with other fruitwood will give the smoke and food a versatile texture. You can get many flavors in wood pellets. Start your meat with oak pellets, then mix them with other hardwood. 

Let’s discuss the most common flavors of wood pellets.

Pecan: Pecan wood has a rich, nutty, smooth, sweet flavor like hickory. It pairs best with poultry like chicken or turkey.

Mesquite: Mesquite wood is good for smoking dark meat. It produces a great aroma and flavor to the meat. You can pair it with big cuts like brisket, beef ribs, etc.

Maple: This wood has a soft, smooth, and sweet flavor. 

Hickory: Hickory also has an intense flavor but no more than mesquite. It can also pair with different types of meat.

Apple: Like other fruit woods, applewood has a rich flavor. You can pair it with chicken and turkey.

Cherry: Cherry is a milder fruitwood. This will also give a sweet flavor and intense aroma. Due to its intensity, some experts also pair it with beef and lamb.

Consistency in flavor

Wood pellets give the surety of burn with consistency. This will help produce a fine smoke all along the smoking and help in cooking.

Variety of flavours

Wood pellets are available in a variety of flavours. Different flavours can be experienced to get the diverse tastes in the food.

Easy temperature control

Unlike ancient smokers, a smoker with a wood pellet offers an even temperature. You can easily control the temperature.

Time set

Wood pellets burn more quickly than other hardwoods, so they heat the smoker quickly. Smokers don’t let you wait to heat up.

Packing it up

A complete overview of how to use wood pellets in smoker is done. If you are a newbie in BBQ, blending wood pellets in smoking will transform your creations. Make your recipes authentic by using wood pellets in the smoker.  

Remember that mastering the art of smoking is all about the combination of experiments and techniques. You must have a genuine love for smoked meat. So what are you waiting for?

Fire up your smoker, clasp the aroma, and let dance your flavour buds. 

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