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You have read about different types of smokers: offset, pellet, stick burner and many more. But have you ever thought about reverse-flow smokers? Reverse flow smokers are the adaptation in ordinary offset smokers. 

Offset smokers have a complete world in it. Today, we will discuss a part of this world called reverse flow smokers. Not only the information, you will know which is the best reverse flow smoker currently.

What Is A Reverse Flow Smoker?

Before going towards the best reverse flow smoker, let’s discuss reverse flow smoker. Reverse flow smoker is the innovation in old offset smokers. They work for the betterment of the heat flow. They make an even climate for the food.

Difference between offset smoker and reverse flow smoker

The key difference between smokers is the placement of the chimney. The chimney is placed oppose to the offset smoker. On the other hand, chimney of the reverse-flow smoker founded on the same side as the firebox.

The second clash is that the heat first goes through the baffles and then exits from the chimney. Conversely, in an offset smoker, heat directly travels to the chimney, which can cause gaps in the way of heat. This is the reason for heat loss, too.

How does a reverse-flow smoker work

The working of the reverse flow smoker starts with the entry of smoke and heat inside the smoker. There, the heat and smoker collide with the baffle plate. 

A baffle plate is like the twister in offset smoking. A baffle plate is a heat-resistant plate that runs through the chamber.

After the heat embraced the plate, it started extending along the length of the chamber. This plate ensures an even distribution of heat inside the smoker.

Pros and cons of reverse flow smoker


  • The baffle used in reverse flow smoker, makes the temperature even in the whole smoker.
  • There is no need to flip the meat as there is an even and consistent environment for the cooking.
  • If you open the door of the smoker, there will be no effect on the temperature. It will come back to the normal temperature quickly.
  • This can also cause fat burning, which falls on the food and makes it juicier.


  • The constant airflow makes the clean smoke hard.
  • These smokers are not efficient in the sense of fuel consumption. Because of the baffle’s working, it consumes more fuel than the common offset smokers.
  • Reverse flow smokers have different designs and the addition of baffle plates. All these factors make it hard to reach the desired temperature. It takes a longer time to heat up.
  • The addition of a baffle plate makes cleaning difficult.

When to choose a reverse flow smoker or offset smoker?

There can be different situations in which you can prefer reverse flow vs offset smokers. 

Choose Offset Smoker

  • When you need a clean smoke.
  • When you want different temperature zones during cooking.
  • When you want to create more airflow throughout the cook.

Choose Reverse Flow Smoker

  • When you don’t want to flip the meat in the middle of cooking.
  • When you need the same low and slow temperature during the smoke.
  • When you are a beginner and don’t want to tackle the mess of smoke control.

Is Reverse Flow Smoker Worth To Buy It?

You know everything has some benefits and some drawbacks together. Reverse-flow smoking also has some cons in it. But these cons did not stop you from buying a reverse-flow smoker. 

You can choose a reverse-flow smoker or an offset smoker by your own choice. If you are a new newcomer in the world of smokers, and you don’t want to babysit, you should go with the reverse flow smoker. This smoker gives you relief from being stuck to the smoker. This will relax you with its constant and even temperature control.

Conversely, if you are a pro in offset smoking and want clean smoke, should choose an offset smoker. Offset smokers give you a traditional experience of smoking meat.

What Is The Best Reverse-Flow Smoker?

If you are looking for the best reverse flow smoker, Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn reverse flow smoker is best for you. It is the most demanding product in the market. This brand also wins the price for their best products. They also propose their regular customers special sale offers.

 Let’s explore the different features and workings of this reverse-flow smoker for sale.

Key features of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse flow smoker

  • The chimney vent is outside the chamber.
  • Creates better airflow inside the smoker. 
  • A strong body of around 2.5mm steel sheet.
  • Large capacity for more food.

Extra accessories come with a smoker

  • Extra grilling grates.
  • Allows you to convert the smoker into a regular offset smoker.
  • Can transform the cooking chamber into a large grilling section.
  • An extra temperature probe.
  • Extra large-size charcoal basket.

How does Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn reverse flow smoker work

The Longhorn reverse flow smoker has 4 baffle plates, fixed under the cooking grates. There are holes at the end of the baffle plates. When the heat comes from the firebox, these plates run along the length of the chamber. This process helps the heat and smoke to reach every corner of the smoker evenly. 

This working of baffle plates allows you to not turn or flip the meat from a cold place to a hot place and vice versa. 

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn reverse flow smoker is multifaceted

Longhorn reverse flow smoker is not only used as the reverse flow. It is a versatile product that can be used for multiple purposes. 

There are two chimney spots. One is on the opposite side of the firebox and the other is on the same side. Its baffle plates are also removable. So if you want to turn your reverse flow smoker into a traditional offset smoker, you can. 

There is one more option as a bonus for you. Its main cooking chamber can be transformed into a complete grilling section. For doing this you have to pull out the baffle plates and place the grilling grates in the cooking section.

Pros and cons of Longhorn reverse flow smoker


  • The reverse flow design makes the heat distribution even.
  • Can be set as the traditional offset smoker.
  • The cooking chamber can be converted into a grilling section.
  • The extra charcoal tight basket helps to keep the charcoal hot.
  • The outside chimney helps to regulate the airflow.
  • The extra temperature probe helps to read the more accurate temperature.
  • Large capacity in the cooking compartment to cook more food.
  • Big space in the firebox makes the cleaning easy.
  • Portable, easy to move and made with high-quality steel sheets.


  • There can be leaks at the joint points. But you can set it by the high heat silicon.


  • Smoker type: reverse flow smoker
  • Fuel: wood and charcoal
  • Model: 17202053 
  • Grating material: porcelain-coated wire
  • Chamber’s stuff: 2.5 mm steel
  • Price guide: $$$$

You have read about a best reverse-flow smoker, which is the most demanding smoker of the pitmasters. They specifically choose Oklahoma Joe’s smokers for their backyards.

Wrapping it up

In the end, hope you have found out your best reverse-flow smoker. If you are here till the end, then trust us, this reverse flow smoker is going to be your favourite. 

To wonder more about the best offset smokers world, stay connected with us.


What is a reverse flow smoker?

A reverse-flow smoker has an additional part called a baffle plate. This plate runs through the chamber when heat collides with it. This baffle plate helps to keep the smoker’s temperature constant and reduces heat loss.

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