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Power Up Your Smoker’s Heat: Use Offset Smoker Tuning Plates

offset smoker tuning plates

More often, there occurs a problem that the heat is not evenly distributed in the offset smoker. This can cause the food to be more cooked, which is near to the firebox. If you are tired of this hectic chaos, try to install offset smoker tuning plates.

These plates are the exact solution to this irritation. Tuning plates distribute the smoker’s heat more evenly, which causes an even cooked food. Most people did not know even the basics about tunning plates. They ignore the value of the plates and deprive their smokers of this facility. 

What are tuning plates?

Tunning plates are sheets made up of stainless steel. It is used to reduce the heat loss from the smoker and make the smoker more insulated. These sheets are positioned along the length of the smoker or under the smoker. These tuning plates act as the guard for the heat that prevents heat from being lost from the smoker. Losing heat can damage the performance of the smoker, which can affect the food also. 

As we know, in the offset smokers, the plates near the firebox get more heat. This encourages disturbed heat distribution. It also has the possibility of burning the food. Offset smoker tuning plates make it possible to dole out the even heat all over the smoker. 

The function of offset smoker tuning plates 

Tuning plates helps to turn down the heat loss from the smoker. These tuning plates are mostly helpful in cheap smokers as they are made up of low-quality stuff. But they work with modified smokers as well as cheap ones. Most of the new and innovative smokers already come with built-in tuning plates.

Their main purpose is to hold the heat inside the smoker and stop it from being lost. There is another benefit that this protection prevents feisty weather from being affected. Tuning plates absorb all the heat and help to keep the smoker heated for a long time. This can also be helpful in temperature fluctuations in the smoker. 

How do you set up the offset smoker tuning plates?

Installing the tuning plates to the offset smoker is not very complicated. You have to follow some proper guidelines to manage this task. Let’s explore the installation steps of tuning plates for smoker.

Step#1 Buying the tuning plates

For installing the plates to the smoker, first, you must have the offset smoker tuning plates. They are available in the market, or you can also use homemade plates. You should prefer the tuning plates made up of stainless steel. The thickness of the plates can vary, but the standard width is between ¼ and ⅛ inches. 

Step#2 Cleaning the plates

After buying the plates, the next step should be to clean them. They must contain some grease or chemicals to prevent rusting. However, these elements can be dangerous for the food that will be cooked inside the smoker. So, before placing them in the smoker, clean them properly. You will feel satisfaction in yourself.

Step#3 Smoker’s test for temperature difference

Before you install the tuning plates offset smoker, test the temperature at different zones. We have to remember this difference at the time of installation.

Start your smoker’s test by starting it with the help of preheated charcoal. Charcoal must be pre-lit before being added to the smoker. Unlit charcoal will be a hurdle in this process. 

After starting the smoker, wait for it to reach a high level. When the desired temperature is achieved, check the temperature time by time. The desired temperature could be according to the food you are cooking. 

Now, check the temperature difference at both ends by using temperature probes. They can help you to test the difference at both ends. Normally, the place near the firebox is more hotter than the place away from the fireplace. 

Now, initially, the difference is checked. It’s time to confirm the exact difference. For this purpose, you can cook an easier dish in the smoker. You can prefer making biscuits as well. Place some biscuits near the firebox and some away from it. Henceforward, the biscuits near the firebox are cooked faster than the other ones. 

Step #4 Installation of tuning plates offset smoker

Finally, the step has come for which we have been here for a long time. Remember the temperature difference measured in the above steps. We have to place the plates in the zones where the difference has occurred. 

Many offset smokers already have the specific space for installing the tuning plates. If your smoker doesn’t come with this specification, you can place it under the smoker. You can also adjust the plates along the length of the smoker’s surface.

Step#5 Giving space between plates

It is the most crucial part of installing the tuning plates for smoker. Giving space between plates will increase the performance of the smoker. If you want to heat your smoker to a high level, exceed the number of plates. But giving a gap between plates is essential so they can’t touch each other. 

Step #6 Again, check the smoker’s temperature

Checking the smoker’s power after installing the tuning plates should be the crucial step. You can check this by smoking something easy in the smoker.

If your smoker is not heating up right after placing the plates, you can add more plates. Adding more tuning plates will increase the insulation inside the smoker. Place the plates near the vents and firebox. It will help to control the heat loss from the vents of the smoker.

Pros and cons of offset smoker tuning plates.


  • Tuning plates helps to reduce the heat loss from the smoker.
  • It helps to heat the smoker to your desired temperature.
  • It makes the smoker more insulated.
  • It helps to reduce the temperature fluctuations inside the smoker.


There is only one con hidden in its pros. It can’t let the smoker reach the highest level. Tuning plates help to hold the heat inside the smoker. They can also absorb the heat and control the smoker to heat up at an extreme. 


Offset smoker tuning plates are not necessary for all smokers. Smokers can perform well without installing the plates. But if you add them to your smoker, they will increase the efficiency of the smoker. They are like a bonus for your smoker and food as well. 

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