How Long To Cook Ribs On Offset Smoker?

how long to cook ribs on offset smoker

There is always a mesmerizing imagination of smoked ribs. The tender and smokey texture of the ribs and the meat falling off to the bones is just amazing. You will adore this captivating picture.  To enjoy delicious, tasty ribs, you must know about the art of smoking. You will never get that precious taste without having experience in offset smoking. We will let you know about every little thing about smoking ribs. How to choose the right ribs, how to prepare them for smoking, and how long to cook ribs on offset smoker. 

Pre smoking steps

Before we delve deep into how long to cook ribs on offset smoker, we should know about some important steps. 

Choosing the right ribs

If you are going to enjoy tender, smoky ribs smoked on an offset smoker, choosing the ribs is most important. To make a tasty meal, it is crucial to choose the right rib cut.

The butcher’s shop offers a variety of rib types for you to choose from. The baby back ribs and spare ribs stand out as popular and sought-after choices. Baby back ribs are smaller in size and have less fat. They are beginner-friendly and can cook quickly. A newbie in offset smoking is going to be best at smoking baby back ribs. 

In contrast, spare ribs are known for their larger size. It carries a generous amount of fat, contributing to its rich flavour. They require slightly extended cooking time. With its higher fat content, it transforms into a juicier and more tender meat.

Prepare the ribs for a better taste.

Not a single meal tastes good without preparing before cooking. Before placing them in the smoker, you must prepare the ribs; direct cooking is not advisable. Take off the membrane from the bone side. Removing this part will help to cook the meat evenly. After removing the membrane, apply the dry rub properly all over the ribs. You can choose the market-based rub, or feel free to use the homemade recipe. 

Marinating is the ideal method to enhance the meat’s flavour. Apply the dry rub and leave it for an hour to penetrate all the spices to the meat.

Manage the fire on the offset smoker.

Fire is the most important factor for having delicious smoked ribs. Set your offset smoker’s fire on the right level, and this will lead you to the tastiest smoked ribs. Ignite the fire and allow it to burn for a while.

How long to cook ribs on offset smoker using the 3-2-1 method

There is no exact time for smoking the ribs on an offset smoker. Cook the ribs until they are well done, achieving a tender and juicy texture. 

smoked ribs

There is a famous method to cook the ribs on an offset smoker known as the 3-2-1 method. The smoking process typically spans 6 to 7 hours. Let’s explore how long to cook ribs on offset smoker.

  • 3 hours of unwrapped smoking
  • 2 hours wrapped in foil
  • 1 hour of unwrapped smoking for glazing
  • 3 hours unwrapped smoking

It is the initial step of this method. Season the ribs and put them in the preheated smoker. Place them as the bone side down first and leave for 3 hours. Rotate and flip the ribs from time to time to cook evenly from all sides. 

Remember to place the ribs bone side down as this side has the more fat. This fat melting will make the food tender and juicy. 

2 hours of wrapped smoking 

After the first 3 hours of smoking, let the ribs out of the smoker. Take a foil paper and wrap the ribs in the foil. At this time, you should use any liquid to add an extra taste. Feel free to use any liquid like apple cider or whatever you want.

Reintroduce the wrapped ribs into the preheated smoker and let them smoke for 2 hours. This will promote richness in the meal, and you will never regret spending these two hours. Wrapping will create a steamy and smokey texture to the food.

1 hour for glazing (unwrapped)

In this last hour, you can add more taste to it. Take the ribs out of the smoker and unwrap them from the foil. Add some barbecue sauce and allow them to cook for an additional hour on high heat. This will make a crispy bark on the ribs. Now, after 7 hours, your crispy, smokey, juicy and tender ribs are ready to eat. Slice them and serve them with your favourite sauce. 

Wrapping it up

For a barbecue enthusiast, this article will be worth a lot. You can make an idea from this method of how long to cook ribs on offset smoker. Well! Cooking in whole is a long task, but placing the ribs inside the offset smoker takes about 6-7 hours. In these approximate hours, you will get your delicious smoked meat in front of you.

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