Offset Smoker Vs Pellet Smoker: Which One Wins The Flavor Game?

offset smoker vs pellet smoker

Making a comparison between offset smoker vs pellet smoker is always challenging. Both smokers work simultaneously. Offset smokers are some historic smokers who have been in the use of pitmasters for a long time. On the other hand, pellet smokers have gotten attention in recent times. The key difference among these smokers is the use of fuel.

As everyone wants to know about the key differences between these smokers. We’ll discuss them in further detail.

Offset smoker vs pellet smoker: a brief overview

Both smokers are about the same in size and shape, both have a chimney and a cooking compartment. Both give you tender and juicy barbecue. You’ll get delicious food whether you choose a pellet smoker or offset smoker. Before going towards the main differences, take a recap of these smokers.

Offset smoker

An offset smoker is known as a traditional smoker. It is also famous as a horizontal smoker, stick smoker and barrel smoker. Whatever the type is, there are two chambers. One is the main compartment where we place food and one is the chimney where fire takes place.

Fuel use in an offset smoker includes wood, charcoal, wood chips, and charcoal lumps. You can also use any flavored wood to give an extra taste to the food.

Once the fire is set, put the food in the cooking chamber. Set the temperature at the right level by adjusting the dampers. You should choose an offset smoker for a classy and traditional barbecue.

Pellet smoker

Pellet smokers are the modified and innovative form of traditional smokers. They use wood pellets as their fuel. Just like offset smokers, they also use natural fuel to start the fire but in the form of pellets.

The main difference between offset smoker vs pellet smoker is the ease of cooking. You can easily do side-by tasks with a pellet smoker. Like an offset smoker, you don’t need to supervise it the whole time. There is no limitation in the pellet smoker; you can cook everything you want.

You must put all the wood pellets in the hopper ( fuel box) in a pellet smoker. An auto work bottle screw, known as an auger, sets the accurate amount of fuel in the firebox.

A pellet smoker has an LCD from where you can manage the smoking process. You can also connect your pellet smoker with your mobile and manage it from a distant place.

pellet smokers

Pellet smoker pros and cons

  • Pellet smoker use wood pellets as their fuel. They can also operate by electricity and have connectivity with your mobile phone.
  • You can set an alarm on your phone that will keep you aware of the inner condition of the food. You can easily monitor from far away.
  • Pellet smokers have an LCD by which you can operate the whole smoking. You can manage the temperature by just touching and pressing a button. Adjusting temperature and fire level is as easy as just one click.
  • Pellet smokers don’t need your full-time concentration you can do your pending tasks. You don’t need to befit there and take care of each and everything. They give a set-and-forget facility as a plus point
  • Pellet smokers are also very portable. As they are not much light, you can fold them up to store them nicely. If smoking is in your routine, you should prefer pellet smokers as they are easily moveable.
  • These smokers are also very feasible in cleaning. You can clean them very conveniently. They do not make such a mess as an offset smoker.
  • A pellet smoker gives you a very mild and less smokey flavor. This is not preferred if you want a classy and smokey taste. You should choose an offset smoker.

Offset smoker pros and cons

  • Offset smokers work with the fuel of charcoal lumps and wood chunks. You should start the fire with charcoal, then add wood chunks.
  • As pellet smokers, offset smokers don’t have the facility of electricity. You have to do it all the hard way by yourself. There is no LCD by which you can control the temperature, but you have to put all the effort into a portion of yummy food.
  • Like pellet smokers, offset smokers are not set and forget. You have to stay near all the time you are smoking. You have to monitor the temperature and adjust it by adding more fuel or adjusting the vents.
  • If you talk about portability, offset smokers do not lie in this category. They are hard to manage and adjust in a close place. You must keep them in a place where they are once fixed and no need to move from there.
  • Offset smokers produce more smoke than pellet grills. As their chimney is on one side, the smoke continuously emits from there.
  • As offset smokers are big and hard to move. Cleaning them is also a little bit of a hard task. Moreover, there is more chance of making a mess in the surrounding.

offset smokers

Pellet smoker vs offset smoker: key differences

Fuel source

The main difference between an offset vs pellet smoker is their fuel source. Offset smokers use charcoal lumps and wood, while pellet smokers use wood pellets.

You can use any flavor of wood in an offset smoker as fuel. In a pellet smoker, we also use natural fuel but in the shape of wood pellets. Keep in mind that fuel can directly affect your food, so be careful in this matter.

As we know, that pellet smoker gives a mild and less smokey barbecue. On the other hand, offset smokers provide the bulk of smoke and give the food a juicy and full of smoke flavor. You should choose a smokey flavor between offset vs pellet smoker.

Convenience in smoking

One more key difference between pellet vs offset smoker is the ease of smoking. In a pellet smoker, forget about any trouble once you set the smoker. Its new and innovative technology manages all things by itself. Its digital technology provides you with the facility of mobile connectivity.

On the other hand, you have to give full attention in an offset smoker. All the time during smoking, you should sit right over there. If you notice any ups and downs in temperature, you have to add more fuel or adjust the vents. You have to be very careful about smoke.

So, if you are choosing pellet smoker or offset smoker, you should prefer a pellet smoker.

Fuel efficiency

If you see the fuel consumption between pellet vs offset smoker, pellet smoker will use less fuel. As there is an auto-set fan inside the pellet smoker, it makes the smoker highly fuel efficient.

Pellet smoker has insulation that safes the heat from losing. This insulation prevents temperature fluctuations.

On the other hand, offset smokers have an open firebox and take a long time to smoke the food. It will need more fuel during this long period of 7-8 hours.

From reading this, you know that a pellet smoker is more efficient than an offset smoker.


Let’s look at the portability of pellet smoker vs offset smoker. As experts say, pellet smokers are more portable than offset smokers. They are slightly less weight and can easily store. These smokers are easily movable and adjust even in a less place.

Now if we talk about offset smokers, they are heavy-weight and find it hard to move from one place to another. They are big and need a wide space to store.


At last, we talk about the cost difference between both smokers. As pellet smokers are more modified and new in technology, they are a little expensive.

On the other side, if you look at the price of an offset smoker, they are cheaper.


After the whole discussion on offset smoker vs pellet smoker, you are now at the stage where you can choose one of them carefully. You should get a pellet smoker if you are lazy and do not want to smoke all day. Conversely, if you want to enjoy the smoking process, choose an offset smoker.

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When should you choose an offset smoker?

If you have free time and want to enjoy smoking, you should prefer an offset smoker. Moreover, if you want a smokey and tender barbecue, go for an offset smoker.

When should you choose a pellet smoker?

Suppose you are too busy and only have time for a part-day smoking process. A pellet smoker should be your first choice to enjoy a tasty barbecue during your relaxing time.

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