What is A Stick Burner Smoker- A Detailed Overview

what is a stick burner smoker

 If you are a barbecue lover, you better know that in barbecue smoking, everything can matter a lot. Whether it is about choosing fuel or adjusting the temperature, you must be very keen. You have to keep a strict eye on timing as well. When to refuel the firebox or when to rotate the food, you will have to call to mind every time. 

If you learn all these minute factors, no one will stop you from becoming a pitmaster. After getting all the integral facets of smoking, you should choose a stick burner smoker.

These smokers give you the real taste of a smoked meal. Now you are thinking about what is a stick burner smoker, right? No need to worry about this new term in the smoking world. We will inform you about every little thing about these smokers.

What is a stick burner smoker?

Stick burner smokers are one of the versions of offset smokers. Unlike offset smokers, they place reliance merely on wood. The stick burner’s firebox is hung lower than the cooking chamber. Experts believe the meat smoked on a stick burner smoker is the most tender and juicy. Let’s move forward to learn more about what is a stick burner smoker and what its specialities are. 

How to build a stick burner?

Building a stick burner in your backyard is the bonus for your barbecue craze. Building one is not so hard; you need some hard and smart work. Let’s move to how to build a stick burner smoker without wasting more time.

Required tools 

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Saw
  • weldor

Required material

  • A propane tank for the main chamber
  • Metal sheet for the firebox/ smaller tank
  • A pipe for the chimney purpose

How to build a stick burner smoker: detailed explanation

First of all, plan and design your desired burner. After designing:

  1. Start the cutting of the propane tank.
  2. Keep in mind your safety priority while cutting the tank.
  3. Shape this tank into the main chamber of the smoker.
  4. Use the metal sheet or the smaller tank to make the firebox. 

Now, attach both chambers using the welding machine. Make a smaller door at both chambers for the use of vents. Now, take the pipe and use it as the chimney of the smoker. After assembling all the smoker parts, it’s time to fix them all with each other. 

After attaching the parts, your stick burner smoker is ready. Now, paint the whole exterior of the smoker with paint. Fire in the firebox and let it burn for a few hours. 

Tarran!…. Your stick burner smoker is ready to use.

How to use a stick burner smoker?

If you are a regular smoker, you know how to use a stick burner smoker. Like other smokers, stick burner smokers also need practice. The more you try to use it, the more you experience it. Stick burner smokers work purely on wood. It does not use any other fuel. This thing is tricky to handle while smoking. 

Stick burner smokers work almost like offset smokers. You have to handle the whole process manually. There is no electricity fixing that will make it comfortable. The whole game is in your hands, from pouring the wood to maintaining the temperature. It is on you that you make it amazing or ruin it. 

Well! It is another thing that how do you handle this. We are here to guide you on how to use a stick burner smoker from start to end.

Assemble the wood in the firebox.

The first purpose of using a stick burner smoker is to take it to a higher temperature. 

Start the assembling by placing the dry and small pieces of wood that will catch the fire quickly. After that, take two logs in large size and adjust them on the pieces of wood. Logs burn slower than small pieces of wood. The larger logs are used in the first 3 to 4 hours. After a few hours, you can add some little thin and dry pieces. 

Lighten up the fuel.

After assembling the wood, it’s time to lighten it up. You can use a butcher paper with a small amount of oil. Place it at both attached ends of the logs and lighten it up. You can use a used baking paper from a previous cook. Using newspaper or any other paper to lighten the fire is fine. 

Try to make the smoke clear.

Smoke is the most essential factor in offset smoking. Make sure that your stick burner smoker emits clear smoke. There are two types of smoke: one is thick and dark, and the other is thin and of light colour. Experts say the thin and light-coloured smoke is good for the food. Conversely, the thick and dark smoke is poisonous for the food inside the smoker.

Add the food inside the smoker.

Place the meat inside the cooking section when your smoker is ready to consume the food. Make sure that the smoker is at a high temperature. Remember that the food needs a constant temperature when it goes to the smoker. 

What is the best stick burner smoker?

After getting to know the use of the stick burner smoker, it’s time to find what is the best stick burner smoker. Finding your best smoker is a basic need if you are a smoked meat lover. 

The best stick burner includes several factors:

  • Portability: a stick burner smoker should be portable so that you can move it easily if you need to do so.
  • Price: The best stick burner smoker should be in your range. It shouldn’t be so expensive.
  • Long life span: It should last for a long period. 
  • Performance: Its performance should be of outclass. You should invest in a good stick smoker.

If a stick burner smoker has these factors, it is surely the best stick burner smoker.

Can you use a blower on a stick burner smoker?

Before going towards can you use a blower on a stick burner smoker, we discuss a blower. A blower is an additional game changer in offset smoking. The blower is also known as the draft controller. This blower helps to maintain a steady temperature across the process. It helps you to make your smoking more efficient. 

The question we raised is, can you use a blower on a stick burner smoker? This one depends on your preference. If you want to make your smoker advance, feel free to use the blower on your stick burner. But if you want to stay in the traditional mode, skip the blower and continue with your old method.


We have uncovered all the queries related to stick burner smokers. You have learned what is a stick burner smoker, how to build it, how to use it, and many more related to this burner. Get your stick burner smoker, learn to use it, and get a juicy, tender, and smokey meal. 

Best of luck with your happy smoking.

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