Revealing the Puzzle: How Many Slices is 2 Ounces of Turkey

How Many Slices is 2 Ounces of Turkey

When there is a plan to make a get-together, smoked turkey is the best decision. Smoke a turkey in your backyard offset smoker and make this party memorable. But, the question arises here: how many slices is 2 ounces of turkey? 

Do you know? Cutting style varies the weight of the meat. It depends on which direction you sliced the turkey. With this article, you will get to know about how many slices is 2 ounces of turkey. Stay tuned with us till the end.

How Many Slices Is 2 Ounces Of Turkey- Comprehensive Overview

The only thing which matters is the thickness of the slice; how many slices is 2 ounces of turkey? Generally, an advisable slice of a turkey is about one ounce. So if you take this scale, then 2 ounces makes 2 to 3 slices of the turkey. 

Conversely, if you keep the slices thinner, then there is the possibility to make 10 to 12 slices of 2 ounces. The whole game is the cutting of the slices. For getting more convenient measuring, you can use a kitchen scale. By using a kitchen scale, you can slice all the pieces of the same size and weight. 

Methods for measuring the sliced turkey

There are numerous approaches to measure how many slices of turkey is 2 ounces. The most common of them used by experts are the following.

Measure by volume

Measuring by volume is a practical approach to measuring sliced material. By using this method, you can achieve perfection in your cooking.

Furthermore, methods using By by-volume method

1- Cup measurement

Take a cup that you will use in the whole measurement; don’t change the cup every time. Pour the turkey into the cup and level it gently without compressing too much. You can use the edge of another pot. This can lead you to the accurate volume measurement.

2- Liquid displacement

Another way to measure the turkey is to place the sliced turkey in a cup full of water. The change in water will show you the volume of the turkey. In this way, you can measure irregular shapes. 

3- Graduated cylinder 

If accuracy is your priority, then this method is for you. Take a graduated cylinder and place the turkey in the cylinder. Now, you can easily measure the turkey by the graduated marking.

Measurement by weight

Like volume measurement, weight measurements are essential in cooking, too. You can make a perfect and balanced meal by weight method. Let’s explore the moreover method of weight measurement.

1- Measure by using a kitchen scale

Spending money on a reliable kitchen scale is worth a lot. You will never regret this investment. Place the turkey on the kitchen scale and measure slice after slice. Make sure to zero it before starting the measurement. By using this method you can get perfect slicing of the turkey.

2- Using a weighing container

If there is any doubt about the kitchen scale, use a weighing container for convenient measurement. Place a weighing container on the scale and put the turkey on it. This will make the measurement more accurate. 

3- Tear function

If you are buying a modern kitchen scale, it is equipped with a tear function. This modified scale comes with a fixed container. The scale deducts the container’s weight, providing you with the precise weight of the turkey.

Measurement by the piece

Where the volume and weight measurements are common, measurement by piece is unique one way. This method is effective where you need perfect counting of turkey slices.

1- counting method 

The easiest way to measure how many slices of turkey is 2 ounces is counting. Slice the turkey cut and count how many slices one cut has. 

2- arranging on the plate

Cut the slices of the turkey and place them on the plate or the cutting board. It is the easiest way to picture the measurement.

How many ounces can serve one person?

Well! We can’t estimate how many slices are 2 ounces of turkey; we can’t find out how much it serves to one person. You can randomly find this out by serving according to the situation. Normally, a person can eat ½ pound of a turkey. 

Here is a random estimate that a raw turkey has a 50 percent yield. So, if you decide to serve a person, you should have one pound of turkey. Half a pound to serve per person and half that goes to the waste.

What quantity do you require to make the turkey sandwich?

Usually, half a pound of turkey is required to serve a person. But if you serve the meat in the sandwiches, there is not much meat required. It takes 1 to 2 slices of the meat to make a turkey sandwich. But, same as previous, it depends on the slices.

Is turkey meat healthy?

If you compare the turkey with other meats, it is low in fat. This thing makes it a heart-friendly option. It is rich in proteins, which makes it healthier than other meats. Beyond proteins, it has filled up with other nutrients.

It is the source of minerals like B6 and B12 that will boost the metabolism system. It is also helpful in the creation of red blood cells. It is the choice of calorie-conscious people. They can easily choose it for their meal. By remembering all these aspects, you should use turkey occasionally as well. 

Final thoughts

If you have finally decided to smoke a turkey, then slicing is the crucial part to remember. It is not estimated anywhere how many slices are 2 ounces of turkey. You can get to know about this only by practising it again and again. You can get guidelines from this article and inform us about your questions about this. Best of luck with your smoked slice

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