On bbq Smoker Pro, which can be accessible from https://bbqsmokerpro.com. The Privacy of our visitors is one of our top preferences. Our Privacy policy involves some information that is collected and listed by bbq Smoker Pro and how it can be utilized. 

If there are any questions from you or if you need any extra information regarding Our Privacy Policy, just contact us.


When you visit our website, in execution you consent to Our Privacy Policy and accept its terms.

Personal Information

When you visit our website you may be asked to give your personal information which can be used to contact you.

When you want to get in touch with us directly by sending a message or an email you may ask for your personal identification information like your name, email address, contact number, or any extra information you want to give us.

In addition, when you contact us by registering your official account, we may ask you to give some information like your name, company name, type of business, cell phone number, and email address.

How your information is used

We manipulate the information we get through different options, which may include.

  • We design it for maintaining our website.
  • Illustrate and add to enhance our services.
  • Evaluate how you make use of our website.
  • Try to improve our assistance, and characteristics and make new developments.
  • To make contact with you to keep you updated about our new strategies.
  • And most important try to keep you safe from any scam.

Use of log files 

Bbq smoker pro pursues proper guidelines for using log files.

The information we get through these log files include Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), how many times someone clicks, and available pages. The objective of this information is to collect demography and examine the user’s activity.


Our visitors can consult us to read about the Privacy Policy of the advertising partners of bbq smoker pro. 


Bbq Smoker pro’s privacy policy is not implemented on other websites. Thus, we recommend you to be concerned about our Third Party’s privacy policies for getting more information. 

You have the option to disable the cookies you get on your screen through your active browser. You can also get informed more about the cookies policy with a particular web browser.

CCPA(Don’t sell my data)

Under CCPA our customers have the right to:

Request that a business can’t disclose, delete or sell your data.

If you require it, we’ll answer you in 4 hours. You can simply contact us through email for any request.


Make sure you have all the information about your data protection rights. Which includes:

  • Right to get a copy of your data
  • Right of request to correct your information that you think is incorrect.
  • Right of request that you want to delete some of your data under particular conditions.
  • Right of request to stop processing your data, under specific conditions
  • Right of transferring your data that we have collected from our website.

Likewise above we’ll respond to you in 4 hours on all these requests.

Children’s Privacy

One of our priorities is children’s preservation by using the internet. We inspire the guardians to keep observing what their children are watching on the screen. Bbq smoker pro doesn’t have any policy for collecting information from kids under 13.. Otherwise, if you think that your kid has provided some kind of personal information you can easily contact us to delete that data and we’ll do our best to discard this information immediately.