8 Exquisite Offset Smoker Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

offset smoker recipes

Do you want to make your meat more delicious and smokey? Let it try on an offset smoker. This will make your meat juicy, tender, and smokey flavored, which everyone will love. Let’s look at some offset smoker recipes to try and enjoy a delightful barbecue.

Offset smoker recipes

There are a lot of recipes that you should try on an offset smoker. These offset smoker recipes can make your dining more appetizing. 

Beef cheeks

Beef cheeks are one of the most depreciated offset smoker recipes. It is the most unwanted cut of beef, but when they are done with smoke, they can water your mouth. Beef cheeks are not thought to be the priority of everyone. It is the facial cut of the beef and is rarely available in the beef shop.

Beef cheeks are the most lightweight piece rather than other pieces. Because of their lightweight, there should be a question that they will dry quickly. But the collagen present at this cut prevents it from being dry.

They are a little gluey and sticky, but it is not a minus point. There is a layer of fat inside the cheek. When they get smoked, that strip melts, giving it a tender and moist taste. They seem awkward, but they taste extremely delicious.

You can try them with a barbecue rub. It can easily be available in stores, but you should prefer a homemade rub. You can include simply black pepper and salt and some ginger garlic powder.

The standard temperature for beef cheeks is 275℉. If your smoker is roundabout 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit, it is good for the best results.

Smoked prime ribs

Smoked prime ribs are a total holiday recipe of one of the offset smoker recipes. They can make your holiday memorable. You are right if you say prime ribs are some royal meal. It is the most expensive cut of the beef. Prime is the whole rib area of the cow. It has seven ribs included in this area. It has a huge amount of fat, making the barbecue a great texture.

Prime ribs are the most wanted piece, and as they are expensive, so you have to be very careful about them. Their roundabout weight is 30 pounds. These prime cuts are the larger cuts after the initial cutting of the beef. These have different names like:

  • Bone-In and Boneless roast
  • Beef rib roast
  • Prime rib
  • Ribeye roast or Roll

These smoked prime ribs will give you a great taste if you use any flavored wood for smoking them. They can taste delicious if you season them before putting them in the smoker. For seasoning, add olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Is it easy? Yes, it is easy. The amount of fat gives it a tender taste when it gets melted. 

If you want to marinate them, then use a prime rib paste. Add ginger, garlic paste, rosemary, olive oil, and sag. These ingredients will make the ribs one of the best offset smoker recipes. Now cut them into pieces and enjoy them with some side dishes.

Smoked turkey 

A smoked turkey should be your priority if you are trying offset smoker recipes. Turkey is thought to be the best meal for your dining table. Oven-baked turkey is also delicious, but a smoked turkey will surely give you a goosebump.  This best offset smoker recipe will give you a slice of tasty meat, and its crispy skin will also add the richest texture. 

A 14lbs turkey is enough for 7-8 people. If there is a gathering of friends and family, you can increase the number of turkeys rather than the size. A big-size turkey will take longer, and there should be some cooking issues.

Now move forward to the preparation of turkey for smoking. You should bring the turkey in water with salt, apple juice, and dark brown sugar. This will remove all the extras from the turkey and make it clean and safe.

Now season the turkey with simple salt and black pepper. If you want more flavor, fill the turkey with your favorite fruits. Let it be in the preheated smoker. In the end, enjoy a crispy, smokey, and delicious turkey with your friend and family.

Beef brisket

Brisket is one of the challenging recipes for best smoker recipes for beginners. You have to maintain the heat and slow and steady level. Brisket is the most time taking cut of beef to smoke on an offset smoker. It would be best to have wood, smoke, fire, and patience for a tasty, smokey, and mouthwatering brisket.

When it is about smoking brisket, you must consider the flavored wood. For a smokey-flavored brisket, you can use the mesquite as fuel. Along mesquite, you can add oak and hickory as they give more smoke to the fire. Set the brisket in the smoker and wait for a delightful smoked brisket at the end. Enjoy it with some fizzy drinks.

Chicken quarters

Smoked chicken quarters are the quickest things to smoke. If you are trying smoking for the first time, then don’t worry. It is the easiest recipe. It doesn’t take a whole day to smoke. It is also a pocket-friendly meal. In short, it is one of the best smoker recipes for beginners.

These chicken quarters need no marination or brine. Add some salt and pepper, and put quarters in the smoker. After 2 hours, enjoy the delicious smoked chicken quarters.

These are dark meat cuts, which are more moist and juicy than white meat. When buying chicken, you don’t have to be careful because chicken is chicken. You don’t need to be conscious about cuts of the meat.

If you need extra flavor, add sub rub, including ginger garlic powder, dried herbs, and some spices. Let it smoke for nearly ½-2 hours, and then enjoy delicious smoked chicken quarters.

Chuck roast

Comparing prime ribs and brisket, Chuck is one of the quickest things to smoke. It is easy to smoke as well as it is a cheaper cut of meat rather than other cuts.

You don’t have to do extra hard work to smoke the chuck roast because it is on the smoker. You must apply the rub on the chuck and place it in the smoker. You need ginger powder, herbs, and some olive oil or yoghurt to prepare the rub. Smoke gives it a tender, juicy, and crispy texture. This will increase your appetite extremely.

Korean chicken wings

There is nothing like smoked Korean wings. They are a mixture of spice, sweetness, and crispiness. If you don’t try Korean dishes yet, I recommend you try them as soon as possible. You can order any Korean dish from any restaurant. But when you talk about chicken wings, try it at home. However, if you do not have a smoker, then don’t try this recipe at home.

To bring the wings, take water in a pot. Add sugar and salt to the water and stir them well. Now put that on high flame so that it will get boiled. Let it be cool at room temperature, then add wings to it. Remain it for 1-2 hours. Now after brine, pat the wings with tissue and dry them. 

Apply barbecue sauce on the wings before smoking can add to their delights. Now place them on the grill and keep patience. After all the hard work, you will surely get the yummiest smoked chicken wings.

Beef short ribs

Beef short ribs are one of the delicious offset smoker recipes. It is the cut piece of the chuck area. It includes five ribs in it which taste extremely. 

These beef short ribs taste more delicious if it smoked with some flavored wood. It would help if you seasoned them before placing them in a smoker. You can add a marination of rub paste to add more flavor to the meat. This will make it more tender and crispy. 

Now put them in the smoker and get the right level of temperature. Let it reach the temperature of 160-200℉. After smoking, take them out and wrap them in a foil. Now they are safe for a long smoking period. When they are all set, keep them at rest and let them cool. Now serve them with any side dish you want and some sauces. 

In the End

These are just a few offset smoker recipes. If you love them, you surely want to try some more recipes as well. There are dozens of meat recipes that you can try on an offset smoker.

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