Win The Competition With Best Drum Smokers In 2024


When you start a talk about mouthwatering BBQ, BBQ smokers are the winners of this race. You can never neglect the intimacy of BBQ smokers in the state of smoked meat. One of these smokers, there are some game changers known as the best drum smokers. These drum smokers will never disappoint you when getting delicious BBQ. 

Today we will learn a bulk of knowledge about drum smokers. We will also explore the best drum smokers available in the market.

What is a drum smoker?

Drum smokers are also known as barrel smokers. They are made up of steel drums. These barrel smokers are somehow famous among pitmasters. The drum smokers are generally handmade. This is the reason why two smokers are not the same. Now these barrels are available commercially in which a charcoal basket, a barrel and some hooks are included. Hooks help to hang the meat vertically. This can increase the cooking capacity of the smoker.

Some plus points of a drum smoker.

1. Low in price

Barrel smokers are mostly available at lower prices. These smokers are also known as budget-friendly drum smokers. Its short number of components makes it affordable.

2. Can cook a variety of foods

Whether you are going to cook a brisket, chicken or beef ribs, this drum smoker will provide you with an excellent result. Even you can cook vegetables on this barrel smoker very deliciously.

3. Easy to use

The best drum smokers don’t have complexity in use. You can use it with great ease. Even a beginner can use it like a master. It doesn’t include any complications in using it. It has a very simple mechanism to use.

Some best drum smokers you can find in the market.

1- Pit Barrel Cooker Classic Package – 18.5 Inch Drum Smoker

This 18-inch Pit barrel is one of the best drum smokers. This barrel is technically a conventional smoker. It used wood as its fuel purpose. if you ever get familiar ith ugly drum smokers, you can easily understand its value in the market. These ugly drum smokers are the essential part of any meat-based get-together. You can make your celebration more delicious with tender and juicy smoked meat. 

Construction of Pit Barrel Cooker

An ugly drum smoker is from the different kinds of barrel smokers. It has a barrel with a ventilation system, a lid and a charcoal basket. The lid is used to cover the smoker and the charcoal basket is used for placing the fuel of the smoker. This best drum smoker also has a smaller version which is called Pit Barrel Jr. it is smaller in size and also smaller in price in comparison to the original size. 

How Pit Barrel Cooker Works

Barrel cooker mechanism is somehow different from other smokers. A barrel smoker or drum smoker works on the minion method. Sound weird?? Let me explain. In the minion method, you don’t have to fill the firebox at this method, you have to pour lit charcoal on the layer of unlit charcoal. When charcoal transfers its heat to the lower layer, it will start burning too. This method not only saves time but fuel too.


  • The hooks inside the barrel help you to increase your cooking capacity. In this case, you hang the meat instead of laying it on the grates. You can easily hang ribs.
  • Drum smokers are beginner-friendly smokers. You don’t have to sit beside it for a long time.
  • Close construction helps you to maintain a moderate temperature for a long smoke.


  • It is hard to control the temperature in a Pit Barrel cooker.
  • Using this barrel as the grill can make it a little bit awkward because you have to reach from too far to flip the meat.

2- Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Pro Drum Smoker, Orange – 19202100

You will find more than one barrel smoker but Okahoma Joe’s Bronco Pro Smoker is one of the best drum smokers. This smoker offers you a quick and faster cook which saves your time and energy. The temperature can be controlled with ease.

There is a label “pro” which doesn’t mean it will not be set in your backyard. Its unique and small foot can adjust in any little place.

Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker is built with pure barrel steel in a drum design. It has a 17-pound fuel capacity which makes it more amazing. It can easily stay for an overnight cook.

Key features of Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Pro Drum Smoker

  • Cooking grate of 21.5 inches 
  • 1-pound fuel capacity
  • Come with a removable cooking grate, 9 hooks, 3 meat hangers
  • Constructed with heavy-gauge steel
  • A rubber handle which helps to grab easily.


  • It has come with an insane fuel capacity of 1 pound. It stays up to overnight cook.
  • The temperature control system is so amazing that you can precisely handle it.
  • Its design and lightweight construction make it portable. You can easily move it.


  • You cannot refill the charcoal plate during the cook.

3- Pit Barrel Cooker Junior Package – 14 Inch Drum Smoker

Pit Barrel Cooker Jr is the new version of the original PBC. it doesn’t change much except the size. The height remains the same but the diameter becomes smaller. It has reduced from 18 inches to 14 inches with 60% of cooking capacity. Along with the diameter, the price is also reduced. You can get it for $250.

How to use a Pit Barrel Cooker Jr

Working with a Pit Barrel Cooker Jr is a little bit different from other smokers. You have to set the lower vent and then fill the charcoal on a charcoal plate. Place it inside the smoker and lighten it up. You will see how easy it is to cook with a Pit Barrel Smoker Jr.


  • Pit Barrel Cooker Jr is very easy to use. Whether you are a fresher or a pro, you can use it like an expert.
  • This drum smoker doesn’t need any concentration. It works on the base of set and forgets.
  • Hanging the meat increases the cooking capacity.


  • This drum smoker has no proper temperature control. You will find a difficulty in adjusting the temperature.
  • These drum smokers are not suitable for grilling purposes.

Final Verdict

At the end of this article, I hope you have gotten enough knowledge about the best drum smokers. These smokers are a little bit different from the usual BBQ smokers. You will find them efficient when you use them by yourself. If you are in search of more BBQ smokers, you can visit BBQ smoker pro

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